We have been assisting healthcare professionals since 2008. We are made up of certified professional coders and financial experts. Whatever your specialty, Downing Street Financial will be able to master its intricacies to make sure you get paid. We strive for a 99% collection rate. We notify our clients of all write-offs and provide the reason for the write-off. This notification helps to identify problem areas for future improvement. Many medical billers will not show such transparency.


We help businesses get the operating financing they need. When your business wants to get paid on your receivables right away but the purchaser does not pay on delivery, we can help. We pay 80% of the receivable immediately. The remaining 20% is paid when the purchaser settles the receivable (minus our fees).

This eliminates the need for the business to take out a loan from a bank to continue operations. unlike a bank, we do not require your business's financials, only the receivable. The creditworthiness of the purchaser is considered.

There are two types of factoring-

Covered: If the purchaser does not pay, the business is liable for the debt.

Uncovered: If the purchaser does not pay, the business has no responsibility to pay us.


We help small and medium sized businesses recognize their full potential through bookkeeping assistance, efficient accounts receivable management, proper billing procedures, accurate costing of services, thorough analysis of financial statements, maximization of revenue, diversification of product offerings, and scaling down unprofitable areas of the business. We provide a third-party point of view that helps business owners make improvements to their existing operations.

If you are a company that thinks you can do better, you probably can. Let us help you diagnose the areas that are holding your business back and implement changes to unleash your full potential.

American Association of Professional Coders

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