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Medical Billing Company
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Quickbooks (QB) is our preferred bookkeeping software. We follow QB's recommended checklist of weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly tasks. Every week we will record your transactions, saving invoices and receipts into QB, review bills to pay, strategically pay vendors, and send invoices with payment terms to customers. On a monthly basis we will reconcile your accounts, review A/R aging reports, review inventory levels if applicable, process payroll tax payments, and compare current financial statements to prior periods and your budget. Each quarter we estimate and make tax payments for payroll and sales tax. At the end of the fiscal year we will prepare your books for tax filings, review A/R aging reports again, take another look at inventory, send W-2's to employees and 1099's to contractors, go over your financial statements line by line, and provide the tools to prepare a reasonable budget going forward. We are familiar with all of the tools that QB has to offer and we will take the time to show you the ones that will make your business run more efficiently.


We help small and medium sized businesses recognize their full potential through bookkeeping assistance, efficient accounts receivable management, proper billing procedures, accurate costing of services, thorough analysis of financial statements, maximization of revenue, diversification of product offerings, and scaling down unprofitable areas of the business. We provide a third-party point of view that helps business owners make improvements to their existing operations.

If you are a company that thinks you can do better, you probably can. Let us help you diagnose the areas that are holding your business back and implement changes to unleash your full potential.


We take care of your businesses Payroll needs. 

  • Wages and salaries

  • Taxes and withholding

  • Workman's Comp

  • 401(k) plans

  • Health Savings Accounts

  • Health Insurance

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