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We help small and medium sized businesses recognize their full potential through efficient accounts receivables management, proper billing procedures, accurate costing of services, thorough analysis of financial statements, maximization of revenue, diversification of product offerings, and scaling down unprofitable areas of business. We provide a third-party honest point of view that helps business owners make improvements to their existing operations.

If your business could use a check-up or ongoing financial services, give us a call and we will let you know how we can help.
Medical Billing


At Downing Street Financial, every claim is important to us. We strive for a collection rate of 99%. You will see the difference that a little extra time can make in getting claims paid.

We write letters and make many phone calls to insurace companies to clear up discrepencies in denied claims. Whether it is a small or large amount, we work to get it paid.

We fully report all write-offs to the doctor to spot problem areas for adjustment. Our performance is judged not by how many claims get paid, but by how many claims do not get paid. This is the focus of our work and it shows our dedication to the doctors we serve. Our doctors can then spend less time worrying about being paid and more time treating patients.


Here is a listing of what our service includes:


  • Submit Medical Claims

  • Allocation of payments to EMR

  • Mailing Patient Statements

  • ​Follow-up on Unpaid Claims

  • Follow-up on unpaid patient balances

  • ​Credentialing/ Reattestation

  • ​Monthly Billing Report​

      Allocation of Payments to EMR


      We allocate each payment in the patient's profile to each CPT code that was charged. We will work with your EMR or send claims out on our own. For more transparency, let us access to your EMR to give doctors and office staff access to unpaid claims and patient balances.

      Mailing Patient Statements


      We send out beautifully prepared and professional looking patient statements. We want your practice to be well represented in all respects. Billing statements are an extension of the office so special attention is devoted to making sure the envelopes are clean and neat. We use security envelopes and will display your practice's logo on the outside. The statement is printed on perforated heavyweight paper that makes it easy for the patient to tear off the top section and mail it in with payment. We also provide a pre-stamped, pre-addressed No. 9 envelope for your patient's convenience.

      Follow-up On Unpaid Claims


      Claims get denied for a myriad of reasons. We fix these denials and resend your claim. We will also discuss with you ways to reduce denied claims when we see trends emerge. We always work denied claims when there is a solution regardless of how much the claim is worth. This helps us understand the problem better when the amount is greater.



      If your practice expands and you need to hire new doctors, we will help get them credentialed with the payors you choose to participate with. We have experience with this and can get most doctors credentialed within 90 days. We also keep your doctors CAQH profile up to date and reattest when necessary. This reduces delayed payments due to medical license expirations, etc.

      Monthly Billing Report


      The monthly billing report is the best way for the doctor or office manager to see the billing performance in the past month. It contains revenue charts, accounts receivables grids, monthly write-offs (with explanations), helpful financial ratios, and a summary in plain English to explain the month in a few sentances. It is easy-to-read and contained in a colorful two page report. This report is custom made to provide only the information you want to see.

      For Patients


      Do you have questions with a recent medical bill? Have you been charged the correct amount? We can help you understand your statement. Call (775) 849-4367.



Accounts Receivables Management


(Also known as Accounts Receivables Factoring, or just Factoring) We want your business to succeed. We will contact customers with outstanding invoices and try to work out a payment schedule. Businesses can focus on selling their product while we take care of the billing and help you get paid.



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